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What to do in Menorca with children: 7 ideas

In this article we want to give you ideas of fun things to do in Menorca with children beyond going to the beach. Obviously, if you come to Menorca you are going to want to enjoy its beaches. And children love to swim, play with the sand, etc. But Menorca has much more to offer and there are other things we can do for children to have a great time in Menorca.

Without further ado, here are 7 cool plans for children in Menorca:

Watersports in Wind Fornells

How could we not recommend our favorite sports? If you want active holidays for your children, Wind Fornells is perfect. We have several water sports for children. It is a very good way to exercise, learn something new and have a great time. It is also an active and different way of enjoying the sea and the sun of Menorca. Moreover, exposing children to a wide variety of motor activities is very positive for their proper cognitive development.

We offer windsurfing courses and sailing courses for children throughout the season (from May to October). Windsurfing is somewhat more physically active than sailing but both are very good options. Children learn very quickly and have a great time. It’s amazing to see how quickly they start to sail on their own. Highly recommended for sure!

A kid with a sail

Windsurfing courses for children, Wind Fornells

Visit Lloc de Menorca Zoo

Another very good plan to get off the beach is to visit the Lloc de Menorca zoo. They have all kinds of exotic animals, a water play area, playgrounds for little children, etc.

Moreover, it also has a restaurant with children’s menus. Highly recommended, it is much more than a zoo.

two children playing with animals

Lloc de Menorca Zoo

Discover some of Menorca’s natural caves

Do you consider yourself as adventurous? Then visiting one of the numerous caves on the island can be a very fun family plan. Here we show you the ones we like the most:

Cova des Coloms

The Cova des Coloms is a huge natural cave. It is 24 meters high and 110 meters long. It can be accessed from the town of Migjorn or from the Binigaus beach. It takes a bit of a long excursion to get there, so it is not the best option for very young children, but if you like excursions, the cave will not disappoint. We attach its location and also a link with more information (in Spanish).

cueva natural en Menorca

Cova des Coloms, Migjorn

Cala Morell Necropolis

The caves of the Cala Morell necropolis are also a very good option for children. Moreover, Cala Morell is one of the must-sees in Menorca. It has a very nice little beach, some great spots for snorkeling and also some beach bars to eat with great views. In short, it offers a very complete plan.

Again, we attach its location and more information (in Spanish).

a view of a stone building with a mountain in the background

Cala Morell Necropolis Ciutadella

Cova de s’Aigua

Sa Cova de s’Aigua is a 2,500 meter natural cave with a spectacular lake. It is located in the Cala Blanca area (Ciutadella) and, unlike the others, you have to pay to visit it. But it’s worth it, it’s amazing. Tickets can be purchased here.

a close up of a large rock in a pool of water

Cova de s’Aigua, Ciutadella

Enjoy the best waterparks in Menorca

Water parks never disappoint children. It is a classic. Slides, pools, wave pools, boats… They are guaranteed fun. We show you the best ones so that you can get an idea of ​​what you can find on the island.

Aquacenter Menorca

Aquacenter is a water park located in the Los Delfines urbanization, 10 minutes away from Ciutadella. It is not the largest water park, but it is good enough and offers guaranteed fun for children.

a group of people swimming in a pool of water

Aquacenter Menorca


Aquarock is another of the island’s water parks. It has all kinds of slides, a children’s pool, a jacuzzi and also a wave pool, the only one in Menorca. In addition, it also has a go-kart circuit.

It is located in the urbanization of Cala’n Bosch.

Aquarock, Cala’n Bosch

Splash Sur Menorca

Splash Sur is also another top water park. It has all kinds of slides, swimming pools and play areas for children, a restaurant… In short, very complete.

It is located in Sant Lluís, on the eastearn side of the island.

a boat sitting on top of a green field

Splash Sur Menorca, Sant Lluís

Kayak or paddle boarding tour

Another very good plan for the whole family is to go on a kayak or paddle board excursion. Kayaking is easier for kids because they can go in double kayaks with their parents and not have to paddle as much. Paddle surfing is a bit more demanding, but if they are small enough, they can also sit on the front of the board without having to row.

There are several places on the island where you can practice kayaking or paddle surfing. We recommend Fornells and Es Grau. Both places are very safe, very beautiful and great for practicing these sports. Another recommended plan, for sure.

Important! Choose calm days to kayak or paddle surf. They are great activities when the sea is calm and there is not much wind. Otherwise, it gets much more physically demanding. So it is very important to choose the conditions very well.

Playa S'Arenalet en la bahía de Fornells

Small beach in Fornells

Have a walk around Mahón and Es Castell and enjoy their playgrounds

Unfortunately, Menorca does not stand out for its children’s playgrounds. We think there are few and a bit outdated. But both in Mahón and in Es Castell there are two very cool ones. Moreover, both Mahón and Es Castell are great towns to go for a walk, have dinner, eat an ice cream, etc.

We like Parque des Freginal playground in Mahón and Es Castell playground.

a boat parked on the side of a building

Parque de Es Freginal, Mahón

a group of people in a park

Es Castell playground, Menorca

Discover Menorca’s traditional fiestas and celebrations

In summer, there are popular celebrations in all the towns of Menorca. Surely you have heard of them: horses, alcohol, music… but it can also be a good plan for children.

Throughout the “fiestas” weekend, the town organizes a fair with attractions for children. In addition, many other activities are organized. Each town organizes their own, so the important thing here is to know when and where the fiestas take place and get to know its programming, schedule, activities, etc. It can be a great plan for sure and not only for children but also for introducing yourseld to the Menorcan culture.

Follow this link to find a festival calendar and much other information (in Spanish).

More ideas and inspiration on what to do in Menorca with children

And that’s it for our best recommendations. But obviously there is much more to do in Menorca with children. We want to share the Menorca en familia site for many more ideas, recommendations, information about beaches, restaurants, etc. (in Spanish)

And if you want to find good flights to Menorca, visit kayak.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Menorca!


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