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Gastronomy. Minorca, the Island of Cheese and Gin.

food on a table

Was Mayonnaise sauce born in Mahon? This seems to have been an important question for a long time. The French were here from 1756 to 1763. They had seven years to convert the strong local garlic and oil sauces into a smooth emulsion of egg yolks and olive oil. Legends and stories abound. Of course,…

Biosphere Reserve

an island in the middle of a body of water

In 1993, Minorca was officially designated Biosphere Reserve Management and the Biosphere project, MAB, Unesco. Since then, the preservation of the ecological equilibrium has been an official priority in addition to the natural desire of the native population to preserve their traditional lifestyle and environment. The natural environment must be preserved while at the same…

Secret coves, beaches and harbours in Minorca

a group of people on a rock next to a body of water

In the previous section, I spoke about the coastline near Fornells. It’s the part that most interests me as I’m based there and I’m not going into as much detail with the all the varied and beautiful coast of Minorca. A few general characteristics: An imaginary line divides Minorca into two halves, North and South….

Restaurants. The lobster, and the "Hairy Crab of Minorca"

a bowl of soup

Fornells means a lobster on the dinner table. Lobster and fresh fish, from Fornells own harbour. This identity of Fornells, fish and seafood has created something unique in the whole of Minorca, and possibly in the whole of the Balearics: a small village with a high concentration of top quality restaurants. All of them base…

Fornells, an authentic fishing harbour

a boat is docked next to a body of water

Blues, whites and ochres. The blues of the bay, immensely present, opening out almost like the true village square. Ochres from the earth and the occasional village house. Whites from the sails dotting the water and the curious, ancient Minorcan village houses of Fornells. Anyone who knows Minorca knows that the name of Fornells is irrevocably associated…