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Quick Details

1.5h Session
Beginner Board without foil
Advanced Board with foil
Pack of Sessions Better price per session
Beginner Board without foil
Advanced Board with foil

Fly freely in Fornells Bay!

The Wing Foil has arrived, and it’s here to stay. You can’t miss this new sport that is revolutionizing the wind sports world. We love it! It’s a great alternative to kitesurf in Menorca and a great addition for windsurfers because it sails with much less wind (8-10 knots). And the sensation of flying through the bay is fantastic!

Please, be sure to have enough experience before renting! You can learn this sport surprisingly fast if you do it through a well-structured learning process. If you jump steps, it becomes much more complicated.

Two Rental Levels:

  1. Rent the Wing + board without a Foil
    Rent a Wing and a big board with a centerboard, to familiarize yourself with the wing, before adding the foil.
  2. Rent the Wing + board with foil
    Rent the full Wing Foil gear and start flying through Fornells bay. Previous experience is required. It’s essential to have a great amount of experience on foil or to have taken the course with us. Without this experience, you will slow down your learning process.


  • Big boards of 190L or more for beginner rentals.
  • Tabou Pocket Air and Magic Carpet boards.
  • GA Wings of 3.5, 4.2, 5.2, and 6.2 m2
  • GA and Axis foils.


Wind Alerts

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