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Quick Details

Wing Foil Courses High Season July and Augsut, prices per person
Level 1 and 2 1.5h, 4 people max
Private lesson 1.5h
Efoil/Foil Drive Lesson 45min private lesson
Wing Foiling Courses Low Season prices per person
Level 1 and 2 1h+1h, 2 people max
Private lesson 1h+1h free sailing
Efoil/Foil Drive Lesson 45min private lesson

Wing Foiling is the future!

Wing Foil has arrived, and it’s here to stay. We love it! It fits our philosophy perfectly: wind, sea, and intense sensations. Moreover, it has a lot of advantages compared to windsurfing or kitesurfing, especially in Menorca.

  • Much easier in the long run
  • Much less demanding in terms of wind conditions
  • Very safe, especially if we compare it to kitesurfing.

In short, all these advantages make it special. Wing Foiling is a game changer.

How do we learn wingfoiling fast?

At Wind Fornells, we divide the learning process into two stages.

  1. You learn how to control the Wing (without the foil). Our level 1 and level 2 courses will teach you the basics. Before flying, you have to master the non-foiling part of the sport. Don’t hurry, learning a solid foundation is key. Moreover, wing surfing without a foil is already lots of fun!
  2. You learn how to foil: once we have a good control of the Wing we introduce you to foiling in a progressive way. The key is the equipment. We will use big foils with short masts so that the first contact is a lot more accessible. Little by little we will increase the lenght of the mast and decrease the size of the foil. Our private and efoil lessons are perfect to introduce you safely into the world of foiling.

As simple as that! Do you want more details about the learning process? Do not miss our blog article with all the details and our youtube channel for all kinds of tutorials.

The key to learning fast is the equipment


Our method is characterized by the use of big foils with short masts at the begining. That makes the first contact with the foil a lot safer and accessible. From then on, we progress with the equipment as we progress ourselves.

Another very important thing is the volume of the board. We start with very stable big boards and little by little we reduce the size as we progress.

There is nothing worse than starting with equipment that is too advanced. It slows down the learning process a lot. Having the full range of boards and foils ensures that you learn quicky.

How long will it take to fly?

We like to say that between 5 and 30 hours is what it takes to fly comfortably on a Wing Foil. Which is very little compared to other sports such as windsurfing or kitesurfing! And don’t worry! You start enjoying the process from the beginning. In fact, just sailing with the wing on a non-foiling board is lots of fun!

If you have a lot of previous experience, especially in windsurfing, kitesurfing or in other modalities of foiling, you will be closer to 5 hours. If you have very little previous experience, then you will be closer to 30. Be that as it may, it is worth spending the necessary time because the sensations are worth it!

Course levels