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Kitesurfing in Menorca

Many people ask us about kitesurfing in Menorca and that is why we have decided to write an article about it. Hopefully that is useful for all kitesurfers travelling to Menorca. Specifically we will talk about:

  1. The best spots for kitesurfing in Menorca and with what winds they work
  2. Are there kitesurfing centers in Menorca?
  3. New and attractive alternative for kitesurfers in summer: Wing Foiling

1) Kitesurfing Spots in Menorca

From WindFornells we want to highlight three main spots for kitesurfing in Menorca. There may be a few more, but these are the best and most common ones and the ones that offer proper enabled areas for kitesurfers:

Son Bou

It is a 3km long, white sand and crystal clear water beach located on the south coast of the island. It is a wave spot and works mainly with westerly winds . Also sailable in southerly winds , although the conditions get much more onshore. It works more frequently in winter season than in summer season.

Moreover, it is a very crowded beach in summer , so kitesurfing in summer becomes more difficult and is only allowed in the area enabled for launching and landing kites (see picture below). In winter, from November to April, there is no problem: there is a lot of space both on land and on the water.

kitesurf y windsurf en son bou menorca

Kitesurfing in Son Bou Menorca

kitesurf son bou map

Enabled area for launching and landing kites in Son Bou

Cala Tirant

We could say that Cala Tirant is the best-known kitesurfing spot in Menorca. It is a beach with reddish sand located on the north coast of the island, very close to the town of Fornells. It is also a wave spot and it works with north winds (tramontana) . The conditions with this wind are totally onshore. It works more frequently in winter and spring, although there are also “tramontanas” in summer (they are usually less strong then).

While it is true that in summer the beach can get corwded and there are restrictions for kiters (only possible in enabled launching and landing area), there is more space here than in Son Bou. On north wind days, there are usually not many people on the beach.

kitesurfers navegando en Cala Tirant Menorca

kitesurfing in Cala Tirant Menorca

cala tirant kitesurf map

Enabled kitesurfing zone in Cala Tirant

Fornells Bay

It is the safest and most sheltered spot , taking into account that the other two spots are wave spots. Here the water is always flat and we are always surrounded by land. However, the wind is considerably gustier and there is little space on land to get in and out of the water. Another negative point is that in summer there are a lot of people on the water : yachts, dinghies, windsurfers, motor boats that come and go, etc. So, although it is true that it is not very advisable in summer, in winter season (from November to April) it is a very good spot for those looking for an easy and sheltered place. You can only launch from the enabled kitesurfing area.

dos lasers navegando en Fornellswater

Fornells Bay: wonderful place for watersports

fornells kitesurf map

Kitesurfing launching zone in Ses Salines (Fornells Bay)

2)Are there kitesurfing centers in Menorca?

No. As far as we know, tere are no centers that run kitesurfing courses or rent kitesurfing equipment. We think that the little amount of days with the minimum wind required in summer and the lack of space both on land and on the water make it difficult to run a kitesurfing center.

So, if you want to kite in Menorca, bring your own equipment .

3) Alternative to kitesurfing in Menorca in summer: Wing Foiling

  • New very attractive wind sport
  • It requires little wind
  • It does not have the space limitations that kitesurfing has
  • Very easy to learn for kitesurfers
wingfoiling in Fornells Menorca

Wing Foiling in Fornells Menorca

The big problem of kitesurfing in Menorca is the lack of space during the summer season. The beaches are usually crowded and in many of them there are restrictions, which makes it difficult to practice this sport in summer.

However, a possible solution or alternative exists for kitesurfers: wing foiling. It is the sport that is revolutionizing the world of wind sports. At Wind Fornells we have tried it and the truth is that we liked it a lot: it requires little wind (8-10 knots is enough), it provides an unique flying feeling and it is also very practical. You don’t need as much space on the water or on land.

Moreover, for kitesurfers it is a very easy sport to learn. The Wing control is learned in a few minutes, so the only thing that takes a bit longer is learning the balance on the foil (if you have done kitefoiling it will obviously be also very easy for you).

At Wind Fornells we offer courses both to learn balancing on a foil and also to learn how to control the wing. We also rent equipment .


And that’s it. We have talked about the main spots for kitesurfing in Menorca, we have talked about the problem that exists in summer due to the lack of space, we have seen that there are no centers in Menorca and we have given a good alternative for high season: Wing Foiling.

See you on the water! Good wind!

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