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Menorca Wind Statistics

Are you considering a windsurfing or kitesurfing vacation to Menorca? Do you want to know how many windy days you can expect in Menorca? Well, we have you covered. We bring you our Fornells wind statistics chart so that you know what you can expect from your trip to Menorca.

Wind Statistics per Month in Fornells (Menorca)

Without further ado, here you have the graph of windy days in Menorca during the 2021 summer season. The data will be updated every year.

In the graph, you will see that there are two columns for each month:

  • Windy Days for Wing Foiling or Windsurf Foiling: days with 10 knots or more of wind for at least 2 hours.
  • Windy days for Windsurfing: days with 15 knots or more of wind for at least 2 hours.
chart, bar chart

Menorca Wind Statistics Chart per Month


Low season is much windier

As those of us who live and sail in Menorca already know, the further we get away from the summer months, the windier it is. So, it is not surprising that the windiest months are May and October.

In contrast, the worst month in 2021 was August.

In conclusion, the low season months are the best for sailors, windsurfers or kitesurfers.

Wind Foiling or Wing Foiling allow you to spend much more days on the water

Another big takeaway is that Windsurf Foiling or Wing Foiling allow you to double the days you can spend on the water. If you are a windsurfer, learning to go foiling or even learning Wing Foiling is a very good idea.

In 2021, with the exception of a horrible month of August, there were more than 50% of foiling days per month during the whole summer season. It’s worth it!

Sign up for our wind alerts

Don’t hesitate to sign up for our free wind alert system so that you don’t miss any session. Sometimes the winds are thermal and difficult to predict. Sign up here. Only available during the months in which Wind Fornells is open.

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