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a close up of a hillside next to a river

Minorca, a small island with great character. Biosphere Reserve. Where the traditional Minorcan way of life has not been swept away by mass tourism. Small harbors, sheltered coves, quiet beaches. Minorca, an island with a mysterious prehistoric past whose legacy can be seen over the whole island. Caves, talaiots, taules … Minorca, the eternal face of the Mediterranean. Within reach. All of Minorca’s charms are never more than 40 Km away.

I’ve already spoken about Fornells and its surroundings. However, Menorca is such a small island that you can reach anywhere on the island in less than an hour. From East to West, Minorca measures less than 50Km and at its widest the island only reaches 20Km. To the East lies Mahon, and to the West, Ciutadella. It seems to us that a whole world separates these two very different cities, but for mainlanders, it’s a short drive of never more than 45Km. On Minorca, any point on the island is the “surroundings” of everywhere else, as the island only measures 700Km2. So we can take a brief look at the whole of Minorca. The whole island being, as it were, the “surroundings” of Fornells.

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