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Fornells, an authentic fishing harbour

a boat is docked next to a body of water

Blues, whites and ochres. The blues of the bay, immensely present, opening out almost like the true village square. Ochres from the earth and the occasional village house. Whites from the sails dotting the water and the curious, ancient Minorcan village houses of Fornells.

Anyone who knows Minorca knows that the name of Fornells is irrevocably associated with the lobster. The lobster symbolises what Fornells is and always has been: a fishing village. A natural harbour that has always earned its living by fishing lobsters. Here, moored in the tiny harbour, you’ll see the “llauts”, the traditional Minorcan fishing craft.

Of all places on Minorca, Fornells is the furthest removed from the tourist trap mentality. Clean, well cared for and authentic, the village – 300 inhabitants in winter, and between 1,500 and 2,000 in summer – is the same as ever. The harbour, right on the village square, now boasts a Sailing Club which harbours as many pleasure boats as there are fishing vessels. But Fornells enjoys its selective tourism, a tourism that knows how to enjoy without destroying.

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