“We could test different dinghies and windsurfing equipment. We had a great time”

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100% sport program

100% sport program

Program for those who want to enjoy water sport holidays. We always try to adapt to our clients’ needs. Sail and have fun at your own pace.

  • 100% activity holidays: spend the whole day in the water
  •  1.5 hour coaching sessions + free sailing the rest of the day
  • Combine windsurfing, dinghy sailing and paddle boarding as you like
  • Special rates for couples, groups and families

From 72€/day



Perfect program for those with some experience that want to spend the whole day on the water. This combination pass includes a 1.5-hour group sailing/windsurfing session and free sailing/windsurfing sessions the rest of the day.

For children, they need to be 13 years old at least to be able to sail on their own without instructor.

You can mix up windsurfing and sailing. If you’re advanced, you can free sail.

Paddleboarding is included during free sailing time.

  • Hours: 10:00 to 18:00


Prices per day

The duration of the combination pass determines the final price. The more days you sail, the cheaper it is per day. You can share our combination passes with your friends and family to get a cheaper price per day. You can combine windsurfing and dinghy sailing.

Number of days12345678 or more
Price per day 89€ 85€ 82€ 80€ 78€ 76€ 75€ 72€
Total price 89€ 170€ 246€ 320€ 390€ 456€ 525€ 576€ + 76€/session

The price includes everything you need to sail: equipment, buoyancy aids, instruction, insurance, taxes, etc. There is no extra cost.

Special deals for couples, families and groups of friends

Our 100% sport packs can be shared with your family members and friends. That results in a cheaper price per day for those who come in good company.

Low season offers

If you book a 100% sport pass in low season you have access to the following offers:

  • If you book 3 days, we give you 1 extra day for free
  • If you book 4 days, we give you 2 extra days for free
  • If you book 6 days, we give you 4 extra days for free

Low season offers are individual offers.



Carretera Es Mercadal-Fornells, S/N
07748 Fornells (Menorca)

Tel. (+34) 664.335.801



Season and schedule

2018 Season: from 28/04 to 28/10

Low season: from 28/04 to 25/06 and from 03/09 to 28/10

High season: from 26/06 to 02/09

We are open everyday from 09:30h to 18h